Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blissful Polish Combo: OPI "Princesses Rule!" & OPI "Suzi and the Lifeguard"

I remember, years ago, when I became obsessed with makeup products and nail polish, I saw a swatch of OPI's "Princesses Rule!" and became determined to purchase my own bottle. It is a light, sheer pink full of wonderfully sparkly glass flecks that reflect light in the most gorgeous, mesmerizing way.

I set out to find it, scouring shelves at every establishment near me that sold OPI. Despite my determination, I could not find the polish anywhere. I gave up my search about a year ago and resolved to be content with the various sparkly light pink polishes I could find.

 I was very delighted and surprised this afternoon when I found a bottle of this coveted polish at Target! It was a cool, unexpected discovery that I am really pleased with.

I applied the polish as soon as I got home. I found it to be a little sheer, so I applied OPI's "Suzi and the Lifeguard", a pale frosty pink that is far more opaque, underneath "Princesses Rule!" to achieve the color I wanted.

The effect is, if I do say so myself, magical. Something about it is so ethereal, so unique. Colors like this make me feel delighted every time I peek at my hands. The beauty and feeling the color gives me  seeps into my psyche and unleashes my imagination and creativity. This color is a definite mood enhancer!

What nail polish colors enhance your life? What colors are really good at conveying and expressing moods?

Let me know!

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  1. Pretty colour. Every bottle of polish i own enhances my life haha.